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The Crucible

In the courtroom both Abigail and Mary testify that Elizabeth did indeed send her? Why is Tituba's position precarious? He does not always attend worship on Sunday mornings because he does not like Reverend Parris He struggles with temptation to cheat on his wife with Abigail He sees himself as a good man He can be fierce, even threatening to beat Mary Warren John Proctor is aware of his failings; his determination not to perjure himself at the end of the play is seen by his wife as proof of the goodness that he has been seeking 3.

The consequences of corruption and morality Death of Othello and Desdemona and Iago still lives. You are examining the literature merit of Iago's actions of power which effect's the play's outcome drastically. Each character relates to these themes in a different way and when the characters interact in their rigid, theocratic environment, the outcome is fixed.

English Literature The Crucible

In act 4 the tension is rooted from the sympathy, especially the sympathy the villagers have found for Proctor who appears to be heroic as he stands against the evil in his society, and fights to prove his innocence and save peoples lives.

He could easily have ignored these facts and pursued his own ambition. The title of The Crucible is very interesting. The reason is that he cannot truthfully put his name to a false confession.

It is a lie. When Proctor most needs Elizabeth to tell the truth and admit to his adultery, she lies to the judges.

The Crucible GCSE Coursework

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. They are different to the majority and therefore they become ready targets for accusations. Putnam is the chief example here also. There is no clear indication that she is lying until she and Mercy are left alone with Betty 9.

Putnam is clearly greedy and ambitious to be on the side of the most influential people in Salem. Although in one sense John Proctor has betrayed Elizabeth by having an affair with Abigail, there was certainly fault in Elizabeth's emotional coldness. It is a lie. Those who are apparently genuinely frightened are the weakest members of the Salem community - Ann Putnam, the girls, the minor townspeople.

In "foreign" practices, such as Tituba's singing and her attempts to speak to the dead As a malignant and invisible force which can be invoked by witches In the forest In the hearts and minds of human beings Evil is shown to be present in the petty grievances and wish to find a scapegoat for one's misfortunes, as well as in the deliberate and destructive lies of Abigail and in the cowed obedience of Mary Warren 5.

Sinfulness Authority Hysteria Hypocrisy reigns over the court, which cannot acknowledge that the innocent might have been convicted, and which urges a hypocritical confession even in the face of protestations of innocence.GCSE English Directors Notes on Act 4 of The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay - GCSE English Directors Notes on Act 4 of The Crucible by Arthur Miller As the Director of this play, I feel it is my responsibility to offer you advice on playing the character of John Proctor.

The Crucible GCSE Coursework

The Crucible 4 Conflict This is a major theme, with the battle between villagers over land and status as important as that between the law/religious authority and individuals. Posts about The Crucible written by kateeryan.

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The characters in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, are based on historical figures who lived in Salem at the time of the famous trials for witchcraft.

Abigail Williams is the vehicle that drives 'The Crucible'. This clip explores why this should be, through an examination of her relationship with other characters, specifically Elizabeth and John.

GCSE English Coursework: The Crucible Essay - GCSE English Coursework: The Crucible The Crucible. Arthur Miller, ‘The Crucible’ is a play based upon the events of Salem, Massachusetts in The story is about a religiously motivated town.

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Gcse english coursework the crucible
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